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Rio Bravo Film & Arts

Art for Empowerment

Upcoming Shows

The House of Lies


January 3rd 8:30pm

Venice Community Center

Free Admission

"Forum Theatre" show that explores oppressions to the LGBTQ communities in Latinx families.

Image by Alexander Grey

"Aliens in Hollywood" 
Episode 1. "A floating Cuban" 

While savoring a Cuban rum and delicious moros con cristianos at "El Rincón Cubano" diner, our guest Jesús Ferrer talks about his beloved Havana, his turtle migration and his 30 year acting career. 

Image by Brooke Cagle

 Upcoming short film

Patriotic Genocide


The Gonzalez siblings mourn their father's assassination by a mass murderer. Their grief will make them take different paths that will save some lives and end others.

Image by Debby Hudson

Theatre Education

Learn about Rio Bravo's Theatre Education Programs and its work to incorporate the performing arts into school and community center curriculums. 

Acting Rehearsal
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